We thought that you might be interested in a quick overview of an iPSC “rescue mission”. Or, put another way, an example of some of the challenges of working with iPSCs and traditional protocols / media.

All iPSC scientists will be familiar with this situation: we revived some cells with their recommended media and protocols; but within a few days it was clear they were not happy, as you can see by the differentiation and poor growth in the images below.

Team Cellected embarked on a “rescue mission” with our proprietary in-house protocols and alternative reagents, and the improvement is truly astounding. After four days of being transferred to the new protocol we had nice, healthy iPSC colonies.

If we had continued the cells in the recommended conditions, I don’t think we would have made it to bank, not any time soon anyway.  Instead, 10 days post-revival we are ready for cell banking.  This demonstrates the importance of flexibility and having a deep understanding of the cells, protocols and reagents, as well as the challenges all iPSC scientists face!

If you’re encountering similar protocol problems in your lab, get in touch, we can probably help


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