The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) –  – recently hosted a standards webinar.  Among other things, the webinar discussions highlighted the need for multiple independent clones when comparing isogenic cells derived from genome manipulation.

With iPSCs it is difficult to: (a) obtain and screen multiple clones; and (b) culture, expand and assess the clones, to determine if they have the desired genotype – and whether they have undergone any unwanted genomic changes.  This becomes even more challenging when performing multiple gene editing events or low efficiency editing.

Here at Cellected we can take your edited pools and derive hundreds of clones for downstream analysis.  Our in-process QC rapidly screens and eliminates clones that have acquired genomic changes or are no longer displaying markers of the undifferentiated state.  Coupled with genotypic analyses, this allows us to select high-quality clones for further, more in-depth, downstream analysis.

Each project is unique so please contact us with your specific requirements. We can help!

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