Genomic stability assessment is a critical part of iPSC QC but unfortunately a number of methods, whilst highly informative, can give rise to a long wait for results.  This means that the genomic stability data are often obtained after the iPSCs have been banked / cryopreserved.

We are building in-process QC, to complement the traditional methods, such as G-band karyotyping, or more in-depth analyses that take longer to perform.

A great example of this rapid turn around in-process QC for iPSCs is shown below, using the Stem Genomics ddPCR assay ( ) to monitor 24 known hotspots for copy number changes / CNV at three different passages for the same cell line.

We received these results in days, which enables us to keep a close eye on our cultures for the appearance of any sub-clones with copy number changes.   This allows us to make a decision earlier on as to which iPSC cell lines/clones are more stable and suitable for banking.

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