Novel and rapid
iPSC services

Cellected has developed a number of specialist services for iPSCs – including its acclaimed RIQUEST (for QC), RESCUE and SEED & GO services – which help clients comply rapidly and efficiently with the ISSCR standards re. in-process QC, help rescue cell lines showing genetic / genomic abnormalities and reduce both the variability – and costs – of iPSC assays

The potential of iPSCs

iPSCs are increasingly being used in a broad range of new applications – from drug discovery to cell therapies. We are only in the “foot hills” of iPSC science – but it is growing fast.

Working with iPSCs is challenging, expensive and requires specialist skills and experience – including for QC.

Cellected has developed a range of specialist services for iPSCs which focus on in-process QC as well as improving the efficiency of iPSC research. These services have been created taking into account the compliance requirements of the ISSCR Standards

Two key services for improving the
quality of iPSCs

ISSCR Standards are driving the need for in-process QC for iPSC research

RIQUEST: Rapid Quality
& Stability Testing


A two stage in-process QC service for iPSCs to enable rapid and cost effective in-process QC that is in line with the ISSCR Standards. Around a quarter of iPSC cultures harbour genomic abnormalities and many display morphological and growth changes. Rapid reporting via RIQUEST, focused on common iPSC problems, enables in-process QC for labs, saving significant amounts of time and money.


Cellected’s service to ‘rescue’ iPSCs that show genomic abnormalities.

If your iPSC line displays a mosaic genomic abnormality or unwanted genetic change then Cellected’s innovative RESCUE service can ‘rescue’ your iPSC line

RESCUE: get Cellected
to rescue your iPSC

SEED & GO – significantly faster iPSC differentiation and organoid assays – with more consistent bio-replicates and at a lower cost

Cellected is proposing a novel way to improve the quality of the iPSC assays – and reduce the time needed in the lab.

Other services from Cellected

Cellected has developed a specialist range of complementary services for iPSCs and other cell lines, as well as a number of support services designed to make clients research more efficient