Cellected is a specialist service business, focusing on induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs)

Cellected is a specialist service business, focusing on induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs)

We have extensive expertise in iPSCs – especially clonal cell line derivation, process and protocol development, QC, characterisation and banking.
We also have a semi-automated platform for clonal cell line derivation that allows the generation of high numbers of clonal cell lines which enables the efficient generation of datasets for regulatory submissions.

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The potential for iPSCs – in terms of therapeutic options, disease modelling and drug discovery – is growing rapidly. Cellected has a well-equipped and highly-invested laboratory with experienced scientists who are able to augment and support your work with iPSCs

Meet the Team

Clonal cell line derivation

Many processes require clonal cell lines including re-programming and gene-editing. Hence it is important to be certain that your iPSC cell line is originated from a single cell.

Do you have robust data – that will withstand regulatory scrutiny – to support mono-clonality?

Cellected has invested in state-of-the-art single cell seeding technology that supports the establishment of monoclonal iPSC lines.

Stem cell banking, QC & characterisation

iPSCs can be challenging to work with. They can readily lose their “stemness”. Ensuring their ongoing undifferentiated state and genomic stability is critical.

Cellected can help with the ‘QC’ and characterisation of your iPSCs.

Validation of new reagents & technologies for iPSCs

We have the experience and the facilities to carry out detailed validation studies for new technologies and reagents associated with iPSCs.

In consultation with your technical teams, we can prepare a detailed and highly bespoke package of work.

iPSC Services

The market for iPSCs is growing rapidly – and in many different directions. We can provide tailored services around iPSCs in many areas (e.g. drug discovery, regenerative medicine, disease models, cell therapies, gene-editing).

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Why Choose Our Services?

Our expertise and streamlined approach ensures we can support your complex R&D projects with our complementary QC and characterisation services.

Our platform is built with throughput and efficiency in mind, helping us to help you meet your deadlines.

Each project is designed in consultation with the client, ensuring it is bespoke and tailored to your specific needs.

Our Team

Dr Claire Richards and Dr Rosa Loffredo lead Cellected’s team of scientist and technicians. Claire and Rosa are highly experienced cell biologists with extensive and complementary experience working with iPSCs (and other cell lines).

Dr. Claire Richards
Dr. Claire RichardsCEO & Founder
Claire did her PhD at Cambridge in the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. She subsequently joined Horizon Discovery as Team Leader in cell line engineering and was Head of Biology at Solentim, where she developed expertise in automated single-cell seeding, imaging and developed their iPSC work flow.
Dr. Rosa Loffredo
Dr. Rosa LoffredoTeam Leader
Rosa did her PhD in experimental and clinical oncology at the University of Florence before working on stem cells as a postdoc at the University of Trento. She moved to lead the iPSC team for the European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures at UKHSA (Porton Down) and joined the UKHSA experimental sequencing group during the COVID-19 pandemic


Our core services have been built around the use of new technology, including automation, novel reagents and latest generation microscopy

Our platform combines the latest technologies in single cell cloning and imaging with gold standard traditional QC approaches such as immunocytochemistry, immunofluoresence, digital PCR, microarray-based SNP analysis and G-band karyotyping to carry out comprehensive characterisation of iPSCs.
The combination of these assays and new technologies enables Cellected to provide clients with a high throughput platform focussed on state-of-the-art quality control.

Consulting services for iPSCs from Cellected

Drawing upon its expertise in iPSCs, Cellected is able to provide clients with a range of complementary consulting services – which are being added to, and expended, all the time. 
If you have a particular service that you would like us to provide – but is not on the list below – then please contact us: it is most likely that Cellected will be able to help you.

  • How best to QC and characterise your iPSCs

  • Validation of new iPSC lines

  • Advice re. handling of iPSCs and protocol development

  • Training in relation to iPSCs and/or cell culture

  • Trouble-shooting

  • Laboratory set-up, construction and equipment specification

  • Instrument, technology and reagent validation

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