SEED & GO – improve iPSC assays

SEED & GO is the new specialist iPSC cryopreservation service from Cellected that improves the variability and reproducibility of assays which require iPSCs passaged as single cells at the outset.

As well as improving the concordance of biological replicates, SEED & GO creates significant time and cost savings for researchers performing differentiation assays and organoid research.

Single cell suspension banks

Conventional cryopreservation of iPSCs requires clumps of cells.  Revival, maintenance and QC of these cultures – and often parallel cultures – ahead of performing differentiation or organoid assays can easily take 2 weeks. This can result in high variability and differences between biological replicates.

Using Cellected’s specialist SEED & GO service – based on extensive protocol optimisation around QC-ed single cell suspensions – can save researchers c.75% in time. And an equivalent amount of money.

Cellected’s SEED & GO iPSC service for differentiation, organoid and other assay means:

  • Uniform, highly QC-ed and validated single cell suspension cryopreserved banks containing client’s iPSCs
  • Banks can vary in size to suit the clients needs: from 10’s to 100’s of vials
  • This “single shot” vial approach saves at least 11 days of lab work and associated maintenance (e.g. reagent costs) and QC costs
  • Every vial is the same, significantly reducing the effect of variability of the starting material for differentiation, organoid or other assays
  • Biological replicates are improved