AI / ML datasets

Following the recent launch of GPT4 and other multi-modal large language models, there is currently considerable interest in a broad number of fields as to how Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and Machine learning (“ML”) can be used to improve processes in cell biology and cell culture, including with iPSCs.

How can AI/ML be used to assess and monitor cell lines, including iPSCs?

Cellected is able to grow up and expertly label cell lines – including iPSCs – for AI / ML model training mandates.

Cellected uses specialist equipment that enables rapid and efficient generation of appropriate images – and its scientists are experienced at expertly labelling the cells for rapid and efficient machine learning and associated model training, mindful of GMLP (Good Machine Learning Practice)

If you would like assistance with training your AI/ML model(s) on stem cells – including on iPSCs; or indeed other cell lines – then please contact us.