There is no such thing as a ‘standard’ Cellected client. The iPSC field is moving fast – and we are constantly being asked to extend or develop the iPSC services we provide

Set out below is a selection of some of the issues or challenges that clients have contacted us about. The list is constantly evolving. Some of these issues, points or challenges may resonate with your needs or concerns.

New technology evaluation and validation for iPSCs

“We are developing new iPSC-centric technology and associated reagents and need proof of concept evaluation as well as beta testing. Later we will need iPSC-specific validation data for our product launch”

iPSC media and matrix protocol optimisation

“My iPSC cells are not growing well with my current protocols. How can I improve my iPSC cell growth rates, yield and quality – taking into account likely  future GMP requirements – in a cost effective manner?”

QC and/or characterisation of
stem cells

“I need my hiPSC clones / cell lines assessed for genomic stability and cryopreserved.”

Derivation of clonal of iPSCs

“We have several iPSC transfected pools from which we want to derive large numbers of high quality clones for downstream applications.” 

iPSC cyropreservation

“We have a backlog of a number of iPSC lines that we need banking and QC for. Is this something Cellected can help us with?”

iPSC gene-editing

“We want to create a number of gene edits in our iPSC cell lines. Can you combine gene-editing and clonal cell line derivation?”

“Can you validate my new iPSC line post reprogramming?”

We’re here to help you

If you have a challenge, issue or concern that is linked to iPSCs or associated process and/or protocol  development then do contact us. Most likely we will have come across it – or something very similar – before. 

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