RIQUEST & RESCUE: solution for iPSC genetic integrity QC

Frequent testing and QC of iPSC lines – as mandated by the ISSCR Standards – should not be a cause for concern.

Cellected’s novel services enhance iPSC quality through monitoring and most importantly, recovering cells if there is a genomic abnormality or genetic heterogeneity.  This is key for anyone working with iPSCs, be it multi-gene editing, drug discovery or organoid research.

RESCUE from Cellected

Cellected’s RESCUE service comprises 4 key elements – which are fully documented and have been designed mindful of the ISSCR Standards


Single cell
cloning / seeding

The use of specialist, automated single cell cloning technology from Advanced Instruments enables the generation of large numbers of iPSC clones.


Growth & Morphology

The resultant iPSC clones are selected for optimal growth and morphology characteristics using proprietary AI-based analytics.


– in process QC

The selected iPSC clones are rapidly analysed and selected for quality and stability, per Cellected’s RIQUEST service.



The selected clones are cryopreserved and fully QC-ed before shipment.
Additional characterisation assays (e.g. NGS, SNP, differentiation, pluripotency, genotyping) are also available.

What RESCUE gives the client

  • High quality, recovered iPSC clones without genetic abnormality
  • Precious, high-value cell lines no longer need to be disposed of in clinical waste
  • The ability to continue their high-value research with minimal disruption and improved reliability, reproducibility and data consistency

In the event that the iPSC cell line is non-mosaic – i.e. 100% of the cell population contains the genomic abnormality – then contact us, as we can help you evaluate earlier passages and banks, and work from these to RESCUE the cell line