Bespoke & training

Novel and bespoke services

We like ‘bespoke’. We are set up for ‘specials’. We are not phased by new or novel. Or plain unconventional.

We are always keen to work on new and novel assays around stem cell characterisation, especially for iPSCs.

We routinely work with reagent, consumable and hardware vendors – to beta test their products. Frequently this requires us to develop new, innovative and unconventional bespoke characterisation assays.

If you have questions around bespoke characterisation assays for iPSCs – or confidential beta testing of specialist hardware designed for the cell biology market then please contact us.


Cellected has developed a number of specialist and proprietary techniques which it enables it to provide its novel services for iPSCs and other cell lines.

Sometimes it makes much more sense to train a client how to carry out a specific step – rather than promote an innovative Cellected service.

Hence if you require training on iPSCs or other cell lines then talk to us to see if we can help. It is, as they say, good to talk