Cellected is a specialist service provider with a particular focus on iPSCs, single-cell seeding and process development

We offer bespoke work packages / services relating to iPSCs. We appreciate that not all clients need the same service(s).We have been specifically set up to be able to tailor each work package to a client’s particular needs.
Each of these carefully crafted services are supported by an over-arching quality system that draws upon extensive, detailed documentation – as well as the extensive iPSC expertise of Cellected’s team of scientists. 

iPSCs: QC, cryopreservation & characterisation – including validation of new iPSC lines – supported by high quality documentation

Immunocytochemistry, immunofluorescence, digital PCR, microarray-based SNP analysis, G-banding karyotyping, sterility test and mycoplasma testing. Together these assays provide Cellected’s clients with comprehensive characterisation of their iPSCs.
Cellected can also cryopreserve these fully characterised iPSCs.

We can also validate a new iPSC cell line post reprogramming

iPSCs: automated platform for the production of clonal iPSCs

Single-cell seeding – verified by automated cell-imaging at pre-determined time periods – is the best way to build the data set needed to demonstrate mono-clonality, particularly in relation to preparing for regulatory submissions.

Cellected has extensive experience – and state-of-the-art technology – to enable single-cell seeding to develop clonal iPSC cell lines which can then be quality controlled – “QCed” – and cryopreserved for clients

iPSCs: new technology, new product beta testing and reagent validation

There is constant innovation in the field of iPSCs including new technologies – hardware, software and AI – and novel reagents. We have the know-how and expertise to design a bespoke validation package for you in consultation with your in-house experts.